Healthy Roots Paws is Lab Tested and Batch Labeled

Healthy Roots Paws believes in the three things when it comes to providing the highest quality product and healthiest customer relationship – testing, transparency, and trust. For each of our high quality, all-natural hemp extract products, we have thorough testing at every level of production to ensure our products meet the standards of both our clientele and our own values.

Our lab results are reported as Certificates of Analysis (COA) – documents issued by a lab confirming that a product meets carefully regulated standards, including a breakdown of all cannabinoids detected and their levels, as well as contaminants like heavy metals, pesticides, or other harmful toxins.

Batch Testing With Columbia Food Labs

The importance of COAs when it comes to ensuring that you are buying a safe and effective product cannot be understated. If a company does not provide lab results on their website or at least make them available by request, it is a good sign that they do not have lab results to show. A Certificate of Analysis, in the hands of a prospective customer, creates a relationship of accountability between the customer and manufacturer. Publicly available lab test results for all natural CBD products allow you to investigate the reputation of the lab itself, which reflects on the accountability of our own company. All of our products are batch tested at Columbia 

Food Labs, a fully ISO 17025 accredited and compliant lab located in Portland, Oregon. We have our products tested at three levels of production – whole-plant hemp, the extracted material, and the final product.

Healthy Roots Hemp Columbia Foods Labs COA

The Power of Knowledge

Your ability to analyze lab results also puts the power of knowledge in your hands. Test results give compositional information about the range of cannabinoids as well as the amount of each cannabinoid.

Our lab results are reported as both a percentage and in grams per milligram, which helps us understand the total cannabinoid makeup. Knowing compositional information about your chosen product can determine whether a product is full-spectrum or an isolated CBD product, which could help predict the range of effects the product may have.

We at Healthy Roots Paws pride ourselves on not only our all natural CBD goods, but also clarity and transparency. Through rigorously tested, batch labeled products, we are delivering on promises we made to ourselves to provide the highest quality products available. The lab results for any and all of our products can be found here or at the bottom of any product page in the shop. If you have further questions concerning lab results or anything else, please do not hesitate to contact us.

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