How to Properly Store CBD Products

Anytime the effectiveness of a CBD product is called into question, the first thing you must consider is how the product is stored. Proper storage of your all-natural Healthy Roots Hemp CBD products can be the difference between a product that lasts days and one that can be stored and used even years later. To determine what the proper storage is for your CBD products, we really have to consider four things: exposure to light, heat, and air, and product perishability. cbd and uv light exposure

UV Light Exposure

UV light has a tendency to degrade the potency of any chemical cocktail at an exponential rate. It is generally suggested that any supplements or food items be stored out of direct sunlight, as the frequency of UV light tends to disrupt chemical bonds. This means, whether it’s tinctures, capsules, or topicals, don’t store them on the counter by the window. 

Heat Exposure

Just as with light, heat has the tendency to create change on the chemical level with any matter, certainly not just cannabis products. The refrigerator is the ideal place to store many products, though it should be noted oils can thicken, leaving the dropper ineffective sometimes. If you choose not to store your CBD products in the fridge, you want to consider a pantry or cupboard away from any heat sources such as toasters, microwaves, and stoves. The cupboard above the stove is not ideal. It should also be noted that if you are living in a warmer area, especially if you don’t have air conditioning, the refrigerator is probably your best option.

Air Exposure

Exposure to air degrades products quite a bit, so keeping everything sealed tight is of the utmost importance. It’s usually a good idea to keep the product in its original packaging, as the package will be designed to keep air exposure to a minimum anyway. Good practice is to use what you need, then seal it back up right away.


Of course, it stands to reason, no two cannabis products are created the same, and the ways in which this affects the storage strategy can’t be understated. For instance, let’s consider edibles. Some common sense and pulling from what we already know can be employed here; baked goods won’t last as long as candies, which wouldn’t last as long as cooking oil or tincture. Of course, the guidelines about exposure to light, heat, and air can be applied to most food items, and the perishability of the food acting as the vessel for CBD’s health benefits is usually higher than that of the CBD itself.

The freezer may be your friend here. While you may have a problem chewing that frozen gummy or dosing that solid-ice tincture, properly sealed CBD products can be stored for 2 to 3 years without any significant degradation. Just be sure to pull them out to thaw before use, if that wasn’t obvious. Baked goods, which normally become inedible in days, can be stored for prolonged periods in the freezer. Oils and butters can be stored in ice trays, in order to pull individual doses for thawing or use in cooking.

So to safely and effectively store your cannabis extract products, remember those four key ideas: exposure to air, heat, light, and perishability. The best way you can control your experience and relationship with CBD is by helping maintain a product’s therapeutic integrity through proper storage.